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Platinum PLUS 90 Day Coaching Program

This is a very specialised 90 Day Coaching Program for business owners, marketing team heads and entrepreneurs who want to really get to grips with marketing using the power of the internet and the incredible reach that social media offers

Build YOUR Business On A Solid Foundation

Are you ready to move your digital marketing to the next level? Now you can access the perfect coaching program for your business that will enable you to:

  • Identify and connect with the perfect client for your products and services
  • Increase you businesses awareness across the internet
  • Attract the exact target audience for any product you market
  • Build your reputations and authority so you become the "GO TO" Solution
  • Successfully market you products and services in all 5 levels of the purchase decision cycle to maximise sales and profits.
  • Sell more product without "SELLING" (People love to buy but hate to be sold to!)
  • Create marketing strategies that PRE SELL to your target market
  • Build marketing campaigns focused on people who'll buy
  • Increase your profits spending less time selling (Understand the Business Growth Matrix)
  • Create up-sells that can quadruple your profits overnight whilst pulling in MORE eager buyers

I will personally guide you to radically change your on and offline business marketing to increase awareness of you and your solutions, enable your target market to identify YOU as a solution, show you how to market to them during the evaluation process, fend off your competitors and clinch the sale.

The heart of the 90 day coaching program is the one-2-one consultation over Skype. I have found this THE best way to help you and your business achieve the goals set out during our first call. I will be able to take you step by step through the technology and show you examples of how the psychology works.

PLUS... 2 Critical Bolt On's That Make This Digital Marketing Consultancy UNIQUE!!!

We enhance this one-2-one consultancy with online training. You will be getting access to my premier traffic and conversion training program called "Web Traffic Academy". This premier training covers the "HOW TO" of internet marketing and social media technology as well as some of the psychology behind it. Most of the video are "Over My Shoulder" deep tutorials.

Then to help you even further I am giving you access to my Platinum Inner Circle within Web Traffic Academy for a FULL 12 MONTHS. Here you will be able to attend member only webinars to keep up to date with the technology of the internet and to discover new marketing strategies.

  • One-2-One Skype Calls

    11 x Skype consultation/coaching calls over 90 days will enable you to achieve your goals, reach the right people, attract leads, build your online presence and give you a deep understanding of your overall marketing strategies

  • Access To Web Traffic Academy

    The doors to my premium internet and social media training site will be open to anyone who books my one-2-one consultancy. We will be referencing this training throughout and give you the ability to learn at your own pace.

  • Follow Up Webinars

    ALL Platinum Consultancy Partners will be upgraded to my Platinum Inner Circle for a full year. Each month you will have access to new training and downloads to keep you knowledge fresh and keep those motivation levels high.

Vicki Wushe

I definitely recommend your training events and consultancy support which has helped me enormously in both understanding what is possible with video and social media marketing and helping me identify clear and achievable task. I am starting to become a video making machine..

Vicki Wushe
John Cox

Your business will be in a better place after you have heard, met or attended one of Andy's sessions - his enjoyment is helping you achieve your goals and the skills he embeds into the way you do business will remain lifelong... They say form is temporary - class is permanent - he is pure class!

John Cox
Bucks Property Meet

The Power Of One-2-One Skype Consultation & Training

The ability to share screens and work on your newly created digital assets is invaluable. This way I can show you exactly how to create your online business easily and fast!

ALL Sessions Are Recorded For You To Keep & Review

Access To My Premium Online Traffic & Conversion Training "Web Traffic Academy" Worth $497

Over my shoulder training videos that show you exactly how to build your online presence professionally. These video detail all the technical optimization and enhancements you need but are normally never be shown. Each video is designed to supercharge your online marketing.

Access To The Platinum Inner Circle And 12 Months Of Webinar Follow Up

You also get 1 year of Inner Circle Platinum Membership for continual digital marketing education throughout the year. Your exposure to professional online business marketing does not end after the 90 days. You can join us as we show you the latest strategies a new technologies on our regular INNER CIRCLE Webinars!

This consultative Online Coaching Program Includes:

5 x 1 Hour & 6 x 45 Minute Skype Consultation/Coaching Calls

A Total of 11 X FULL Skype sessions over the 90 day program will increase your online digital creation skills, create a solid foundation and direction for you and your business and set up your first professionally created online lead generation and automated sales system.

This is a personal one-2-one training service and incorporates live consultation over Skype where we can share screens and I can direct you on your own campaigns in real time. Each session is recorded and delivered to you on MP4 for you to go back over and review the session

The approach has proven to get the best results by far. Personal training can get into the nuances of YOUR business, the psychology of your prospects and clients and what you as a business needs to do to get more leads from your digital marketing and how you can turn those leads into sales.

Over The Course Of This Powerful 90 Day Program You Will Discover How To...

  • Look at your current business and plan some specific marketing goals..
  • Discover where your products and services sit within your business
  • Create your marketing message and align your brand
  • Plan your primary sales funnel with you
  • Design your web presence including web site, landing pages and marketing pages so you can create a professional specification for your web creation team
  • Create a personal digital marketing strategy
  • Consolidate your social media footprint
  • Create a social networking strategy that perfect for your business
  • PLUS - lots more to enable you to digital marketing success

What You Will Learn And Implement

Traffic & Conversion

icon-bullseyeThe primary focus is in driving traffic to high converting pages or specialist sites.... I'm going to cover the primary Social Media platforms and how they integrate to build a solid digital marketing foundation.

This is the basic principles of real world digital marketing. Before you start working of your social media you need a solid foundation, so I'm going to show you how you can build a "Primary Conversion Environment" which is 100% dedicated to converting your digital traffic, and then I'll show you how to integrate social media techniques and strategies to create killer marketing campaigns that work.

It's exactly what every business needs and because it's one-2-one training these campaigns are created exclusively for you and your business.

The goal is to get prospects to the point of engagement and one to one communication so I will show you how to....

  • Prepare your "Technical Foundation"
  • Create compelling reputation and authority led content
  • Include "Traffic Triggers" and strong "Calls To Action"
  • Pull and Drive traffic to your PCE's (Primary Conversion Environments)
  • Incorporate the 7 key elements within your Landing Pages (PCE's) for maximum lead generation and sales
  • Build automated follow up systems
  • Create simple and complex automated sales funnels

Access To Web Traffic Academy Worth $497

Web Traffic Academy is a comprehensive online training program which covers all the aspects of digital marketing that matter. We focus on showing you how to drive traffic from the internet and social media and covers:

The Fundamentals...

  • Keywords & how to use them in your digital marketing to get found in Google and the other search engines
  • How to build your online reputation and authority and why it's critical to your success
  • The secrets to creating a high converting landing page to suck in leads. We call this your "Primary Conversion Environment"
  • How to build a successful online marketing campaign using digital assets and skills you already possess.
  • Discover my proven "4 Point Traffic Campaign Blueprint"
  • How to build the definitive traffic campaign to generate a ton of leads
  • How to use Social Media to drive traffic and build a successful social foundation

LinkedIn Traffic Training...

  • How Linkedin works and how you can use it to increase your online visibility with targeted audiences
  • How to make business connections worldwide
  • How to increase your connections by 1000 in just a few weeks
  • How to become a Linkedin LION and why it's so important

Proven YouTube Marketing Strategies...

  • How to set your YouTube Channel Up Professionally
  • How to optimize your YouTube Channel
  • How to optimize your YouTube videos to get them into the search engines
  • How to insert annotations on your site which sends people through to any website you want
  • How to create interaction & engagement with YouTube Cards!
  • How to incorporate "Google Keywords" into your YouTube video optimization

Facebook Marketing, Ad Creation And Retargeting

  • How to build a high engaging Facebook page for your business
  • How to expand your Facebook audience and reach thousands of new prospects
  • How to create laser targeted audiences for your Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts!
  • How to design high converting Facebook Ads from scratch
  • How to use powerful "retargeting" techniques to remarket to people who are already interested
  • How to create Videos for Facebook with compelling Calls To Action
  • Discover how my "$5 Video Boost Method" reaches the most people for the smallest outlay

Twitter Traffic Secrets

  • Discover the 3 keys to success in driving traffic from twitter.
  • How To Increase Your Twitter Followers
  • Find out which tool to use in order to supercharge Twitter
  • How to create the perfect tweet
  • How to drip feed twitter to get the most return

Content & Inbound Marketing Strategies

  • How to create authority led content to drive traffic
  • How keyword placement and SEO is essential to successful "Inbound Marketing"
  • How to increase your brand visibility with high quality content
  • How to create powerful calls to action within your online content
  • How to tie Facebook Retargeting into your content marketing to increase the generation of leads and boosts sales

Google Hangouts & Webinars

  • How To Use Webinars To Drive Traffic, Build Massive Lists Of Prospects And Make Sales
  • How Webinars build your online reputation and engagement
  • How to create products with webinars
  • When you should use "Go To Webinar and when you should use Google Hangouts

A Complete Social Media Masterclass

So let's look at this Social Media integration and the focus we're going to bring to it.

Your digital marketing should be based around the 4 biggest players Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter. There are of course other great social platforms but we focus on integrating these key players, the primary social networks first. So let's take these one by one and look at the reason why we are going to focus on these particular social platforms.

fb_moneyI'm going to show you how to use facebook to get more leads and sales. Facebook is a powerful low cost, marketing tool, which can be used for all types of business whether you sell locally, nationally or internationally. It's also far more intuitive for business marketers in so far as facebook marketing is based around audiences rather that keywords. Keywords are important for content marketing and Google PPC but Google PPC is proving to be difficult and costly for most businesses. Facebook marketing is easier, lower cost and in fact if used correctly can help boost your sites organic ranking because of the weight Google puts on social signals meaning that if you have more online engagement on the primary social platforms the more importance you have in Goggles eyes.

twNow what about Twitter? Twitter is much misunderstood but building a good organic Twitter following can be incredibly powerful. And I'm going to show you sure fire techniques to grow your twitter followers and how to post to Twitter professionally for maximum return

Google +
Google buzzNext is Google... Google is an important part of the social equation and one which is incredibly underused. I will show you how to use Google and your Google account to market your business so you get better ranking in the search engines as well as incorporating Google with our next social platform YouTube

YouTubeYouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google and owned by Google and the " Social Cascade Training" will show you how to use video and YouTube to get a greater exposure and how to drive laser targeted traffic to your PCE (Primary Conversion Environments) as well as how to boost engagement through Google + and YouTube using tools such as Google Hangouts

1 Year Membership To The Platinum Inner Circle Worth $1488*

Now you can continue your learning and implementation with a full years access to the Web Traffic Academy Platinum Inner Circle. Which gives you access to all the Inner Circle Live Webinars and all the Webinar Archives as well..

* Price When Purchased Separately

Yes...Your training and exposure to the psychology and technology of the internet and social media does not stop after 90 days. You also have access to our ongoing webinars for a whole year with an option to continue at the end of your 12 month access.

Bonus Downloadable Documents, Reports And Training Materials.

We are always bringing out new eBooks. special reports and downloadable training materials to further help you market yourself, your business, your products or your services. All members will be sent these automatically on release free of charge. You will also get access to past releases.

YES!.. I Want To Join The Platinum PLUS 90 Coaching Program And Kickstart My Online Business Marketing!

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