IMG_1866Andy Phillips has been in marketing for over 30 years with the last 12 years focused on digital marketing and marketing automation. He is founder and director of the Digital Marketing Agency Digital Cascade Ltd which provides digital marketing services, consultancy and training to businesses and individuals worldwide.

Andy is runs the marketing platform Campaign Builder Pro with his business partner and automation expert Adrian Savage. Campaign Builder Pro provides the tools and training to completely automate your marketing. Andy is a prolific digital product creator

Andy marketing strength is his grasp of sales and marketing psychology and how to implement that using state of the art digital technology. Andy's philosophy is that "Systemising your business and automating your marketing are the keys to growth and success" He also plays drums in Heavy Rock band "Vine Messiah" and has been in the property business since 2001.

Another passion of mine is teaching and helping others to understand the subtleties of business marketing.

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I definitely recommend your training events and consultancy support which has helped me enormously in both understanding what is possible with video and social media marketing and helping me identify clear and achievable task. I am starting to become a video making machine..

Vicki Wushe

I met Andy by chance through Social Media and also recently interviewed him as an expert guest on the live web show. He has a breadth of knowledge, common sense and a real world way of addressing marketing, and the knack of putting things in clear ways that you can grasp without overwhelm and put into easy to take action steps too. I love his abundance marketing approach and genuine no BS way of doing things.

Carol Dodsley
Gplus How2Girl

Well I was fortunate to meet Andy Phillips through a common property connection and straight away it was clear that Andy was someone who excelled in his field or marketing - both on-line and off-line.

Your business will be in a better place after you have heard, met or attended one of Andy's sessions - his enjoyment is helping you achieve your goals and the skills he embeds into the way you do business will remain lifelong.

They say form is temporary - class is permanent - he is pure class!

John Cox
Bucks Property Meet

I started in the corporate world in I.T. and worked for some big computer distribution and manufacturing companies and that work took me around the world.

I loved the adventure and excitement at first, going to America, the Middle East and all across Europe really made me appreciate the diversity of cultures and how wonderful this planet really is. It also showed me that no matter what part of the world you come from or what you do you a living, everyone is affected by the words you use and the actions you take. In other words, everyone reacts to marketing in roughly the same way.

This realisation began taking me down the road of discovering psychology and especially the psychology of sales.

I started my own business in 1998 and because or arrogance and ambition.

I really thought I could do a better job than all the resellers I’ve been selling and marketing products to for years, only to discover that running your own business was bloody hard work.

You have to know about every part of the business and master new skills which you have never thought about before, including people skills to keep your employees happy and productive.

My company at the time provided products and consultancy in “Data Security” with one of our services providing “White Hat Hacking” to large corporate businesses which I loved. In order to do this I had to heavily market to that industry and found out what it was like to walk into an established business and attempt to get ahead of my competitors on very small marketing budgets.

The short story here is that we did just that, after a lot of work we began to claim that space in the market and I began to dominate that niche.

It was the early days of the internet and I had asked a company to build me a site, which they wanted to charge £4,000 for. In 1998 that was a lot of cash and even today that’s a heavy price for a small business to pay out. I decided that I would build my own site and bought a book on HTML.

After many long hours and a lot of swearing I build my first business website and began to use my marketing skills to make the site as good as possible. I also started to realise that I needed to get my site in Yahoo as it seemed like people were searching for things on line and it would be a great idea if they could find me and my company.

Very soon, other businesses were asking me to help them build a site and then market it. This was the start of my long and continuous love affair with on-line business marketing.

Working With Cool People

Marsha Wright

Speaking at The Break The Link Event

Speaking At The Bucks Property Meet

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