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Hi and welcome to this weeks email roundup. If you are on my WordPress Subscribers list then you would have seen some of these beauties first hand, if not then you are seeing the roundup of some of those emails to that list and some info I sent to my Local and International client list.

The boys at JVzoo have been busy release some incredible premium plugins for WordPress just recently. I always find it incredible the work and thought that goes into a product buy some of these guys.

In This Issue:

  • List Eruption : The No.1 Viral List Building WordPress Plugin Available
  • Viber Spy : Legally Spy On Your Site Visitors And Record Everything They Do INVALUABLE
  • Website Conversion Rates : 3 Part series on getting those pesky conversion rates up!!

listeruptionLets start with List Eruption (Don't ya just love the names?) from Mark Thompson who has just release List Eruption 2.0 which is a viral list building plugin for WordPress. I've purchased it and have been testing it for couple of weeks now and it works really well. So how does it work?

It creates a stand alone VIDEO Squeeze Page which in itself looks great, but once the prospect has signed up the magic takes over. Now you can offer them an even better giveaway IF they share you first giveaway with their friends and business colleagues.

The software generates an affiliate code that tracks how many time they have shared your free giveaway and how many people have signed up because of it.

Every time they get someone to sign up to YOUR list they get a point that goes toward their reward. You need to WATCH THE VIDEO from Mark who shows you what an incredible concept this is.

It can work on any WordPress site so take a look at the video.. IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY


 Next up is Viber Spy which is a Marketers DREAM!!!

Once you have installed the plugin you will be able to go to a page and access videos of what people do on your site.. THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND!! For the FIRST TIME you will be able to:

  • Legally spy on your site visitors and track their movements across your site
  • See exactly what your visitors are doing on each page they visit
  • Watch a recording of your visitors full browser session
  • Discover what's confusing your visitors or stopping them from engaging or buying
  • Every scroll, every click you'll be able to analyse and fix!



I said a marketers dream. What would you do with that sort of inforamtion? To know what they navigation they use, how long they stayed on a page, what parts of the site or page is catching their eye and what they click on.

You have to watch the video but it's got to be one of the best tools to see what you are doing right and more importantly what you are doing wrong on your site and fixing it!!!



Website Conversion Rate
Some complimentary education on conversion. There are 2 fundamentals to all on-line business activity and they are traffic and conversion. This blog post goes into the 5 conversion points.

Blog 1 Website Conversion Rate Part 1 [With Video For Your Delight]
This is the 1st of 3 videos I originally created for my Business Marketing Mastermind group. This section was all about conversion. The reason I decided to do this short series was because of the emails I received regarding converting prospects onto a list.

Blog 2 Website Conversion Rate Part 2 [This Too Has A Video!]
In this the second part of the series on increasing your website conversion rate I going to focus on the make up of a conversion page. Looking at the elements that contribute to a proven conversion environment.

Blog 3 Website Conversion Rate Part 3 [You Guessed It.. Video Here Too]
In this 3rd and final post in the series on how to increase your website conversion rate, I'm going to share a proven technique we have used for years which converts your list in to buyers on auto pilot.

To your business success
Andy Phillips

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