Getting Your Digital Content Ranked

In this post I’m going to show you how you can get the most from the work we do within the Cascade Essentials package to help you get your Digital Content ranked. Follow this simple 3 step guide and watch your content get higher ranking in the search engines.

During the course of a month we will be creating lot’s of High Quality, Original Digital Content. This will all be carefully optimised using a wide range of tried and tested techniques which we know help content to get ranked well.

The biggest aid in ranking is usually interaction of some description. Many of the SEO companies create false or fake engagement and Google is continually clamping down on this type of bad practice. Engagement is however incredibly important and is becoming more important with every upgrade Google do to their algorithm, so how can you help us to help you?

Follow these 3 key techniques and think of it as your part of the bargain. Only you can do this side of the push for higher ranking and let’s face it.. YOU are the one that will reap the benefits of higher ranking.

Tell your current customers about it
The digital content we create is valuable information which I’m sure your clients would love to read, listen to or watch. Regular emails to your client base (At least once a month) will get lots of traffic, remind them that you exist, may jog their memory about an action which needs your company or could inform them of something they knew nothing about. All great engagement starts with the delivery of new information.

So send out a newsletter with links to all materials we have created as well as the content you have created in house. Include a Call To Action at the end of each email and you’ll be surprised how many people will go to your content and start to interact with it… Google loves this.

Use Social Media
We would have either created or optimised your Google + account. Use this and other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get your message out to people who are following you.

Social Media is an important factor in ranking. Do not be afraid to ask people to interact with your content, so for example post a video on Facebook (You can simply take the YouTube URL and paste it in to your Facebook status) and then ask people to Go to your YouTube account and click on the like button or leave a comment, and of course they should subscribe to your channel as well.

Tell all you customers that you are focused on informing them with the content you create and they should follow you on Twitter, become a friend on Facebook, link up on LinkedIn and subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

If you don’t tell someone to do something they probably wont.. I know this sound obvious but not many businesses do.

As you send clients to your blog posts, videos and downloadable PDF’s you will notice your digital content ranking better and as your content ranks better you’ll then notice more people contacting you. It works, so don’t miss this massive opportunity. It’s almost like getting current clients and social media connections to help you get your content ranked better.

Reference Your On-Line Digital Content in Correspondence.
The more you can do of this the better, this means in letters, emails, social posts and even conversation. You should even put links to informational video at the bottom of every email. You can use your email signature to do this.

These are not suggestions, these are essential things you must do to get the best from the hard work we put in every month. If you want to know more about how you can work with us to help market you and your business better then email me at or call me on 07867 546 101

If you have any questions then put them in the comments box below, we monitor all queries that come into the site.

Andy Phillips