How To Use Webinars For Your Business

How do you use a webinar in business? In order to position the question and why I’m writing about this today I need to tell what happened to me.

Just recently I was doing a talk at a business networking event and I was showing small business owners how they can harness the power of the internet and take advantage of the incredible reach or Social Media. At the end of the presentation I asked the floor if they had any questions.

A few people put their hands up and I picked one guy who I noticed had been paying particular attention throughout the presentation and he asked me one of the best questions I had heard in a long time, he said “Andy, thanks for the presentation. I can see that there are a lot of marketing avenues to explore, you have spoken on video marketing, email marketing the use of Social Media in business and paid ads but if you could only do ONE of the list of things you have shown us.. what would it be?”

I thought for a moment and then I said “Webinars”

The obvious question came back “why?”

The truth of the matter was I looked at the list on my PowerPoint presentation at the front of the room and at that moment I didn’t have an answer, it was purely based on gut reaction. Very quickly I had to justify this gut reaction and as I stood there I began to realised why I had said it… It’s because the whole structure of the Webinar ticks almost every one of the magic marketing boxes.

Conversion Point (Getting To Know You)
Everyone talks about conversion and I believe they tend to jump the gun a little. There are many points of conversion within a marketing or sales funnel and most people talk about the conversion on to a list or the conversion of a site visitor to a buyer. For me there is a point of conversion that is essential and that's from not knowing you, to KNOWING you.

I have done hundreds of webinars over the last few years, last year alone I did over 70 either as a host or as a guest and every single time I put a webinar on I was discovered by NEW people. The truth is if you have something valuable to offer, people will sign up to hear more.

A good reputation is not built overnight. It takes time and consistency. Webinars are a great way to build reputation fast especially if you do regular or frequent webinars. Reputation cannot be faked when people are listening or watching you over and over again. Reputation is also build on 3rd party recommendation and very often the participation of the webinar audience helps to cement your reputation as does the online feedback on your blogs and more importantly Social Media

Do you know what you are talking about? If so how are you going to stamp your authority within the niche or industry? The answer is simply to get in front of as many people as possible with solutions to their problems. Positioning yourself as an authority in your niche or industry can easily be achieved using many internet and Social platforms, however the webinar is THE perfect platform to "Demonstrate" that leadership and authority.

From marketing your "High Value" webinar right through to posting the replay online really does push your web presence and all round industry visibility up especially if you regularly do webinars on many facets of your industry.

I regularly have other industry experts attending my webinars, I used to think they were spying on me, seeing what nuggets I was giving away but I soon realised that every expert in their field simply wants to keep up to date and many of those other industry leaders have become my friends.

These are the people who will talk about you (hopefully in positive terms) whilst in influential company, again helping to build your reputation and authority and normally leading to bigger opportunities along the way.

This is the big one.. I really do not believe there is a greater way of engaging superfast with prospects than on a webinar. It's live, they are experiencing the real you and it can be interactive. Short of a LIVE (personal Appearance) event, there is nothing that beats it.

List building through value
Building a list of prospects and customers is essential to any business and webinars is a great way to do that. With GoToWebinar you usually have to export the data via a .csv file and then into your autoresponder. This is a bit messy and you have to tell companies like AWeber where the data came from before they let you import it. If you are using Webinar Express, the registration process uses your autoresponder so it's much cleaner.

Sales Opportunity
Many of the webinars I do are not specifically sales webinars. Most of the time I will be talking about technology or a program that fills a need or business requirement or the psychology of the sales or marketing process. These are "High Value Content" driven Webinars that establish my authority in the field, builds my reputation and increases my visibility. What often happens is that many of the people who listen to these "Content" driven webinars get in contact with me to see how I can help them in their business. This is the indirect sales approach which I tend to favour, however I also do sales webinars which are unashamedly sales driven whether that's for my own products or services or selling something as an affiliate.

Product And Market Testing (Feedback)
Because of the very nature of the Webinar format with the Q&A Box where you can throw a question out to the online audience and get immediate responses and also people watching can ask live questions to you throughout the webinar. The benefit is that you can receive incredibly deep feedback and then hone that feedback to get the information you need about your subject matter, your product or the service you provide.

To Sum Up...
The Webinar, as you can see is one of the best ways to genuinely communicate and engage with a highly targeted audience. It's also proven itself as a revenue generating tool which can be used in any niche and any industry.

It can be used to promote a business, product or service as well as being used internally within a business to train staff and enable distance training bridging time and geography.

If you need more information or would like to implement webinars in your business then contact me for your options and to take action.