Learning Important Lessons | Andy Phillips

In the last week I have had a flood of emails and telephone conversations with people who are subscribers to one or more of my lists who are a little upset, let me explain.

I send out information on stuff that’s happening within the online marketing world. Many of the emails are about new product that has just been released that I get wind of being in the industry. I know that many people on the list look at the email and I think because they get so much email overall they flick through and disregard most.

The reason for some of my subscribers upset was that they missed out on getting one specific software product at a stupid price and now they have to pay ten times the amount.

One person said “I know you emailed the info out, but could you not have done another email saying it was urgent?”

When I said, I emailed this particular offer out 3 times, bought the product because I loved it so much I then put on a Webinar showing the software in action and have sold it into my “Inner Circle” client list because it’s so awesome he said “Oh… I must have missed it”

The software in question was one I still think is an incredible buy even though the initial launch price has well gone and you need to pay a lot more right was called Webinar Express.. Now it been upgraded and released as a new product called WebinarIgnition 

NOTE : This Offer In The Webinar Is Closed.. However The Latest Release Is Called WebinarIgnition http://www.digitalcascade.com/webinarignition

Yes I send emails with offers.. what self respecting on-line marketer doesn’t, It how I make money online and substantial money at that.

I know for a fact, every individual and every business that subscribes to my list want exactly the same. The difference is that I work hard to find products and services that are needed by my subscribers and offer them a way to purchase at the lowest they will EVER see these products and services. At the time Webinar Express and now WebinarIgnition which is a WordPress Plug-in cost just $27 at the time and has already helped me close over $1500 of business during my last webinar using the plug-in.

The price is now $297 and that’s why my subscribers are upset. They need to pay more money, but think about the price justification..

AWeber is costing me nearly $4,000 every year the lowest anyone would pay is $99 every month. So if you used Webinar Express for just 3 months you would have got your cash back.

webinarThe point is here and the lesson learned (I hope) is that stop getting you email packed with information you don’t need and think about who is offering your real opportunity to find the latest marketing products, services and training for the lowest price you will ever get and keep those and OPEN THEM.. Not everyone is right for you but you WILL find ones which cost peanuts and could radically change the way you market your business FOR THE BETTER!!

Much of the things I tell you about are on the marketers forums. I am heavenly involved in these forums and the truth is that it’s marketers marketing to marketers and consequently the process are so low because they want a client base established prior to going out to the general public.

This offers up the opportunity for YOU to grab these products at stupid prices like Webinar Express at just $27 as opposed WebinarIgnition at a minimum of $97 going up to $297 for the enterprise edition

To get onto my subscription list all you need to do is put your name and email into the form on the right hand side of this page. The great thing is that you will firstly get my special report, which will help you and your business. Don’t disregard this as just another eBooks, it has been specifically written to help you with the psychology and technology of marketing your business on-line.

It’s the same information I share with my “Inner Circle” clients and WILL help you and your business.

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