Membership Site Solutions Using WordPress

WordPress Membership sites – WordPress really is a remarkable platform for the small business and the individual marketer alike. I am in the business of hunting down WordPress Plug-ins and Themes which will make my life, and lives of my clients easier.

I’m amazed at what some of the plug-ins can do and how they really help the whole process of generating traffic, building leads, creating product and making sales.

One of the ways I make product which I give away and sell is training. I have been training individuals and businesses both the technology and the psychology of reputation building, lead generation, product creation and on-line sales and general marketing.

I often use OptimizePress as a membership platform in which to place the training and it has worked well. I sometimes however want to use an alternative theme because of either branding or because the theme is more suitable to the business.

When this happens I find myself having to work hard to create a good structure to the training. WordPress as it comes out of the box is not great at this application.

During a conversation with fellow marketer Carol Dodsley over Skype she mentioned a premium plugin called WP Courseware which I’m seriously thinking of trying out. It looks like a incredibly functional plug-in that could save a lot of work and structure the training easily within any WordPress site. So I’ll keep you posted.

I know the best combination I have found so far it OptimizePress as the theme and use their Membership Plugin to lock down the content. The OptimizePress Member Plugin just works so well that you should not need to use external software. If you do I would suggest something like WishList to power the Membership. I have tried other membership plug-ins and some are good but WishList works and is relatively straight forward, that’s if you really don’t like the OP2 member plugin.

For payment gateways I used to use PayPal and create my own buy buttons, and in reality it’s still a great way to take payments as long as you’re upgraded to a business account. I have gone a step further and have gone up to PayPal’s Payment Pro which costs a little bit every month, something like $30 but it enables me to use  an Infusionsoft form to take payment rather than sending someone out to Paypal which can get a little messy.

I have an alternative which I really like and it suits my industry and that is JVzoo. Having your membership site or other info products on this platform has on distinct advantage and that is the associated affiliate platform.

This means that when you set your products up on JVzoo you are automatically getting a high powered affiliate solution for no cost what so ever. If your product is right for the market, affiliates will be happy to promote as long as the product is good and suitable for their list.

Course Content On WordPress
Today most courses use video as the media most used to train. Again it’s incredibly easy to offer video within a membership site which is secure. Of course you really don’t want is easily accessible on YouTube or Vimeo. Your choices here are again straight forward.

S3 Amazon
You can open a S3 account with Amazon where you can store video files safely and securely and use a video player within your site. There are lots of free players that can show video that is hosted on Amazon S3 but I suggest you go for some of the paid for ones such as Easy Video Player or one of my favorites Covert Player which has a ton of options and really helps list building. NOTE: If you are using Optimize Press 2.0 for your membership site then it already has a video player in it so you really do not need any other player.

Google Hangouts (Video)
Something I’m experimenting with at the moment is using embedded Google Hangouts which although would be hosted on YouTube will be unlisted so can’t be found. There are many advantages which I’ll go through more fully in a subsequent post.

If you want to discuss how we can help you with your membership sites, not just on the technical side but also on how to create the product in the first place then contact me at Digital Cascade.