Online Business Marketing

Happy with your Online Business Marketing? If not read on…

Every business on the planet has to carry out some level of marketing. This is dependent on the market, the industry and the reach needed to find the right prospects for the business. The type of marketing is also dependent on whether the business is local, national or global.

Whatever type of business, more and more businesses are moving to online business marketing as a low cost way to get their message across and to reach audiences that they could not possibly reach using traditional offline methods.

If you are in a business and want to use the power of the internet and the incredible reach Social Media has, but have been put off by the sheer scale of options then read on and I will clarify a few things.

Don’t Freak Out!!
The business owners I speak to often talk about how overwhelmed they are. If you are in this same boat, don’t worry! Everyone seems to go through this when they first decide to use the internet as a way of drawing more business.

The problem is that once you start to read about how to use the Internet and Social Media for business there is not only a lots of different software products and Social Platforms there is also a lot of differing opinions, strategies and techniques to take on board. It’s at this point most business owners look at the world of online business marketing and throw their hands in the air and give up.
So if that’s you.. then keep with me and I hope to help you through this initial barrier.

There are a few things you need to look at. Firstly your current Internet presence.

You should do a quick audit of what you have right now. List everything that is online and relates to the business. Also list everything you have in your own name such as your facebook account as you can use this as well.

The point of looking at your facebook for instance is that as a business owner it’s essential that you take care with personal online assets such as your facebook account. Potential clients WILL look at your personal social media presence, so remember that when posting pictures or making comments.

Once you have listed everything about you or your business has online you can now see where the gaps are. You can also see what needs to be created and you can put some specific time aside in order to build your online presence carefully.

A good basic online presence for a business to build upon would be:

  • A business Website
  • A Business or Industry Blog (WordPress)
  • A Facebook Business Page
  • A Twitter Account
  • A YouTube Account
  • A Google + Account

You can add a lot more to this list but for a basic online business marketing platform this is a good start.

Online Business Marketing Objectives
Next you need to look at your objectives, what do you want to achieve. Now at this point everyone says “Leads and Sales” well of course that is your Business Objective, but stand back from this a second and think about what your Online Business Marketing objectives should be.

You need to get known, liked and trusted. Then and only then will you be able to create leads and sales. It’s a fact that businesses and business owners who use the internet to build a great reputation create a level of authority in their chosen niche or industry whilst increasing their online visibility and genuinely engaging with the clients and prospects pull more leads and make more sales to a wider audience than those businesses who try to use the internet as purely a sales platform.

In reality the internet is no different to opening a shop on the High Street in your local town, people need to get to know the shop a bit, they may look through the window a few times before going in and having a look around. If that shop get a great reputation for value and service, more people will go to that shop and will be more prepared to purchase.

They say people need at least 7 to 10 touches
of a business before they think about buying something.

If you use the internet and Social Media well you can get those 7 to 10 torches under your belt very quickly. You can also get people to market for you, by this I mean if you focus on “value” information rather than “Sales” information, you will be surprised how many people are happy to share that information with their friends on their social platforms.

People never, or at least rarely share sales information, but a good value blog post that helps people to understand a process better or the top 10 ways of doing something is of value and will get shared.

This builds your reputation, authority and visibility and gives you a great platform to engage with your audience.

So the first question is do you have a blog either on your website or as a separate site. If not then that is the very first thing to go. I see many sites with a blog and just one single post..

Blog posts are a great way to connect with your clients and prospects and also the secret to getting content ranked in the search engines.

So make sure you have a website that is focused on engagement, get a blog up and running and get your basic social sites up and share your content with the world. You can use facebook and twitter to promote your posts and monitor what people say and engage with them.

I also put on the list YouTube. Video has become a real force for online business marketing and you should actively encourage video creation within your business. Video on the front page of your website for instance will create instant engagement and give you the opportunity to speak directly with the site visitor. Tell them about your business and the benefit they will derive from using your site or the service you offer.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of ways you can use the internet for your business and it can be very daunting no matter what size of business or what industry you’re in. If you are serious about getting your online business marketing off to a flying start then book a consultation day with me. I can help you shape your online presence from day one. Call me direct on 07867 546 101

The reality is that using someone like me as a consultant can help you quickly identify what needs to be done and more importantly how those tasks should be done. There is a technical underbelly to online business marketing that needs expertise and knowledge.

Don’t get put off or overwhelmed, take action and get your business online and productive.